Laura CollinsComment

You can just imagine our excitement when we realized our friendly repeat customer was none other than actress and writer Maureen McCormick! We invited Maureen to come to our office in Hollywood for a glimpse of our spring line (she bought the Owen Ocean, the Pemberley Pink and Mayfair Garden Elizabeth coats, and the dandelion Spencer tunic) and have lunch with us at our favorite Italian trattoria. We felt like we were reconnecting with a long-lost friend, since the three of us, Electra, Kristi and I, were all fans of the Brady Bunch, and especially Marcia Brady! We were charmed by grown-up Maureen’s optimistic view of life, fantastic sense of humor and the deep wisdom she gleaned from growing up in Hollywood. The lunch flew by as she is a brilliant story-teller! We were delighted to learn that Maureen has been happily married to the same man for almost 30 years and has a daughter in college. We realized Maureen is exactly the kind of lovely and talented woman we had in mind when creating our clothing line!     –Ciao! Laura