Sensibly Chic

We love fashion, but refuse to be a slave to it. We wanted to design a line of clothing that reflects a woman's sense of personality and fun.

Style & Quality

We know what we like, and our standards are high. We follow the details of the design and manufacturing process, often refining the designs that we have done in the past after the first runs have sold out. The important thing is to make sure our designs fit real bodies like yours — and ours — as best they can! We welcome your ideas and comments, of course, because you are the ones we design for — besides ourselves, of course!

Made in beautiful Los Angeles

We work with local businesses right in the heart of downtown. Not only do we get to monitor the production from start to finish, we proudly support the industry right in our own backyard. What a beautiful thing to see all the various moving parts of creating garments that are tucked away in the heart of the historic core of Los Angeles!

Why We Are Different

We asked ourselves the question — why we, and so many of our friends, were having trouble finding clothing that fit properly… Why is it so difficult to find clothing with fabulous fabric, or with proper coverage? Try to find all of these things together, and still look stylish!
One of the first things we did as designers was to fit everything to a real body: mannequins unlike humans, look amazing in everything! We are not models, and our friends are not mannequins!

Who Are Our Customers?

PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You have a real body – you want to look and feel fabulous. We want you to dress comfortably but with style – not like a model or a wannabe teenager, but beautiful, chic and fun. You have a busy schedule from kids and carpool to the office and entertaining, so we created a line that is easy-to-wear and easy-to-care-for, and can move easily from day to evening.




Necessity is the mother of invention ... 
or why we created this clothing line.


Sensible because its got to be comfortable

. . . chic because its got to be fun

ELECTRA LANG Growing up in Manhattan, Electra Lang’s first summer job was working at the fabled Fiorucci on 59th Street. She continued to cultivate her unique style at Stanford University where she studied art history, and during her travels around the world, before finally settling in Los Angeles. Whether entertaining for 6 or 60 at her historic home near Hollywood, running a creative commercial production and editorial company with her husband Peter, or picking berries at her family compound in the Adirondacks, Electra found herself wishing for a line of clothing that would fit in with her multi-faceted lifestyle.Electra’s ready-to-wear collection combines her love of vintage clothing and modern fashion with her love of the practical, and the real, and the stylish.


LAURA COLLINS  In the summer of 2009, Laura Collins realized that the only way to have fun and stylish clothes that fit properly was to start designing them herself. She began to realize the need for beautiful and current clothing that looks effortless and fits well on any body type was impossible to find! Laura studied applied art and design and after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she worked as an art director for various magazines and as a designer and stylist for a design firm in Florence, Italy. After having three children, working as a portrait painter, traveling with her family and spending time entertaining, Laura’s newest passion is designing clothes that look fresh and fit perfectly.